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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Tuesday, 1st May 2018 - 5.30ish am

May Day and up we rise. The Weald of Kent Morris have spent the day dancing and singing fertile vibes to the crops. The weather was certainly pleasant enough to make sowing the seeds a pleasant task. The Evans family came bright and early to. It was Herbie's first experience of the Morris. He was in full voice on meeting Malcolm. We all descended upon the Gun and Spitroast at Horsmonden where they served a fine breakfast. They took to a minibus tour driven by Si. I needed a short interlude at home followed by a walk into the village to see them dance at Bella and Hetty's school. The children loved it and squealed with delight at the appearance of the horse.

Walking back home I had to have a chelsea bun from the shop. It was sooo good. Probably yesterday's calorie intake in one go.

This afternoon I spent one hour and forty minutes at Hawkhurst House. We had a meeting with staff and Mum to discuss her future plan. The home are incredible. Exasperated I came home and needed to get out for a brisk walk. I should have been with Tim at The Milkhouse enjoying the company of friends and pizza.

5.30ish am
Pen and Watercolour
140lb CP
25cm x 17cm
£40 Unframed

Ltp/Ltp Course
How can composition be so hard? I even have a checklist with eight key elements and three principles of design. It says my aim is 'To create a pleasing composition'. I am not finding anything pleasing about it. Harriet tried to help me combat my confusion. I have to do five. I may have sort of, possibly done one. I am loving this course. Oh and I got a box of half price oils delivered today. I like a gift.

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