Sunday, 31 October 2021

Saturday, 30th October 2021 - I Made A Basket

Today I was on the road by 8.30am heading to a course to teach me a new skill. 

Eight virgin basket makers arrived at Linda's home. Marianne van Niekerken patiently took us through the basics which got more complicated by the hour. We were given ready made bottoms (mine was a lovely big one) then started slyping and inserting stakes, following weaving the upset to make sure our stakes were in the correct position we chose a weave to make up the sides then there was a bit of wailing before the border. There was a lot of faces contorted in concentration. Quite a lot of foul language as we undid our mistakes. We all came away with the most beautiful crafted pieces of basketware. Some were going to be hung as lights, some filled with bread or fruit, mine is sitting on my kitchen table where I can admire the workmanship and tend to my sore fingers. Thank you Linda for organising the day and keeping us fed with coffee, cake, lunch, cake and tea.

I Made A Basket

Friday, 29 October 2021

Friday, 29th October 2021 - Honey Bee

I am very thrilled that my print room is now up and running. Tim has been patient and encouraging with decorating and furniture moving. In between cutting my finger making collagraph plates I have been experimenting with drypoint. 

Honey Bee

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Sunday, 24th October 2021 - 'Seek' And You Will Find???

It has been a glorious day to have a birthday. With Si, Lesley, Nick and Alli we went a walk peppered with parasol mushrooms, which Tim identified using Seek. Lesley managed admirably considering the soles of one of her boots followed by the other came adrift. In the garden we drank a bottle of Moet that had been waiting in our fridge for a celebration. A fish pie with peas and eggs being stipulated by the birthday boy was followed by an apple crumble that contained our entire crop of Bramley apples. Thank you for making it a lovely day for a birthday.

'Seek' And You Will Find???
Pen and Watercolour

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Sunday, 17th October 2021 - After Lunch at Water Lane

This weekend we had friends to stay. It has been a couple of years since we last saw them. We ate, walked, talked, ate, talked and caught up on many months of news. 

After Lunch at Water Lane
Pen and Watercolour

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Tuesday, 12th October 2021 - Shapes and Shadows

I have nearly finished painting the walls in what will become my print room. It is looking excellent. Luckily there is not enough room for an armchair or I would spend all my time sitting pondering and reading books instead of working.

The art class I go to on a Monday evening feeds into my drawing and painting during the week. We have been looking at shapes. I found four vegetables, drew them before deciding which one I was going to use in our monochrome exercise. I decided upon the pepper being the simplest but am fond of the onion.

Shapes and Shadows

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Retrospective Sunday, 3rd October 2021 - White Cottage Open Studio

Tim and I visited an Open Studio in Playden. Richard Adams (I have adore his paintings) and his partner Jane Beecham opened their home and displayed their works of art along with their ceramicist daughter. We came home with a new piece of a lovely expressive work of art for our wall by Jane. I am thoroughly inspired.

White Cottage Open Studio
Pen and Watercolour

Friday, 1 October 2021

Friday, 1st October 2021 - Pistachio and Marzipan Black Tea

I met with Sarah this morning. Wendy's in Cranbrook does only diminutive coffee. No size option. We could not fathom the reasoning behind this. Subsequently we had pots of tea. 

I had a couple of hours this afternoon sorting out and painting the walls of what will be my print room.

Tim was in the garden taking on the task of hedge cutting. I went to help and was delighted to be in charge of the shredder. A very satisfying job.

We have discovered a new series to watch the Dublin Murders. It takes a lot of concentration. Excellent entertainment so far.

Pistachio and Marzipan Black Tea
Pen and Watercolour