Thursday, 24 July 2014

Saturday, 28th June 2014 - Hetty and Alfie

I was not alone today.

The Evans family descended upon me bright and early.

I am still fighting with my washing up.

Hetty collected snails in a pot. Lindsey came with Christmas presents that belonged to the girls she had found behind a chair. It is good to spread the gifts out.

Harriet and I took Hetty and Bella to the Benenden Annual Fete - it is a vintage event - you could nearly term it as 'shabby chic'. We enjoyed the Stings rendition of Wheels on the Bus. Hetty bravely fought her way through the bouncy castle with much much bigger children. Bella enjoyed the ice-cream and tent pegs.

Hetty had her first pony ride. I felt terribly protective and emotional. She was given a hat to wear in case she fell off. Harriet accompanied them as Alfie was feeling a little fed up by the look of his tossing head. Hetty had a great time and was very pleased that she had not fallen off and had to put the hat to the test. So much love.

Hetty and Alfie
Pen with watercolour
A5 Recycled Card