Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thursday, 31st October 2013 - Ballet

After a not so bright and early start, it was still dark when I reluctantly exited my bed this morning, I headed over to Canterbury. A lovely afternoon I had too. Hetty showed me her new ballet moves. You have to watch those toes very closely.

I am very happy and very tired. Perfect end to a day.

Pen with Watercolour
Bockingford 140lb

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday, 30th October 2013 - New Pastime

Tim and I have a new arrival to our family. A rather beautiful black with red leather interior MG TD. We are looking forward to many jolly excursions. Just need to get it started.

New Pastime
Bockingford 140lb

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Monday, 28 October 2013

Monday, 28th October 2013 - Stormy Day

We had a well forecasted storm early this morning. In our garden we have an old tree down and the chicken house took a bit of a battering but lucky compared to some.

I spent a lovely afternoon with Sarah. I wish we had more time to spend together as I enjoy her company very much.

Tim has stayed up in London this evening due to the uncertain train situation caused by falling trees and leaves.

Recycled Card

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday, 27th October 2013 - By Candlelight

Harriet, Brett, Hetty and Arabella came to play with homemade birthday shortbread for Tim. We fed the chickens and collected pretty leaves.

Even before the predicted storm, which has not arrived as I blog, we had a power cut. It has been off for about eight hours and I painted my picture by candlelight. Back on now or you would not be receiving me.

By Candlelight
Quink Ink
Watercolour Paper

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday, 26th October 2013 - I Don't Know

We have a tree in the garden that produces these pink buds that open and orange pips come out. Very pretty but no idea what it is.

I Don't Know
Recycled Paper

Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday, 25th October 2013 - The West End

Following a morning of work Tim and I went to Smarden and admired Elizabeth's pottery in The West End House Gallery with other pots. I bought Lindsey her Christmas present.

Next to Canterbury where Tim filled the car with wood to repair the rotten roof of the chicken house and I filled a couple of bags with fruit and goodies for Harriet.

Next stop to see Harriet, Hetty and Arabella. The weather was fine enough for a marvelous trip to Toddlers Cove and many happy goes on the swings and seesaw. Hetty and Tim played on the adult exercise equipment.

Home via a stop at The Woolpack to meet with Mike and Pippa and an indian takeaway back at Caxton Cottage to celebrate Tim's birthday of yesterday.

Is the weather going to be as bad as they forecast for Sunday and Monday?

The West End
Pen with Watercolour

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday, 24th October 2013 - Fifty Five Today

We had breakfast in the sun. Tim opened presents and many cards.

We walked in the sun and had a drink at The Bull.

We drove to Rye and got fish and chips to have with Brenda in Fairlight with Perry and family news.

We got home to find a bottle of wine on the doorstep from Lindsey. Sorry we missed you.

Fifty Five Today
Pen with Watercolour

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 - Severely Pruned Hedge

I have repositioned my plan chest and found artwork going back over twenty years. Some of it I have kept most of it has been recycled.

I went for a long walk in the sun to burn off my housewife fat.

Severely Pruned Hedge

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tuesday, 22nd October 2013 - Mystery Farm

I was too late yesterday to do a Tesco delivery for today so I had to take the car and go shopping. What an adventure. No, it wasn't at all. On the way home I got some apples from a farm in Rolvenden and some sausages and bacon from Wards. Not a terribly exciting day as days go but rather satisfying.

I have been cleaning out my studio to accommodate my plan chest but found that I need to do some painting before it is installed. I have sugar soaped the woodwork in preparation for paint application tomorrow.

Mystery Farm
Caran D'Ache Watercolour Pencils
Bockingford Tinted Paper

Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday, 21st October 2013 - Mike Carter's Lovely Chest

Tim is home. I have gummy bears - yum. Hetty has glitter glue. Arabella has penguin biscuits.

I have been wanting and needing a plan chest for many years but they are ridiculously expensive. Mike did not need his. I did. So a little money exchanged palma and I am now the proud owner of a mighty fine chest. Just need to find a little space for it.

Mike Carter's Lovely Chest
Caran D'Ache Neocolour II
Recycled Card

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday, 20th October 2013 - Strictly Come Dancing

My activities today have been weather dependent.

This evening I am ironing while catching up with essential TV.

Strictly Come Dancing
Cartridge Paper

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Saturday, 19th October 2013 - Hetty and Arabella

Happy birthday to Si - hope you have a lovely day.

After a late night knitting I was woken by the phone. Harriet and family came to play. The girls helped me with my bnb rooms, Brett did a bit of gardening. And I have my camera back with yesterdays photos so have spent a happy couple of hours this evening with paper and charcoal. Very, very difficult.

Cartridge Paper

Cartridge Paper

Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday, 18th October 2013 - James C Brett

I have spent a charming afternoon with Harriet, Hetty (with cold and teething) and Arabella (with cold and teething). Considering their ailments the girls were very happy to entertain their Grandma.

I had planned to have a go at a charcoal portrait of one or maybe both my granddaughers and took many many photos in preparation. I left my camera at Riverbend Cottages so had to have a change of plan. I am knitting matching cardigans for the girls.

I found an old digital camera that should tide me over until I get mine back. i just hope the battery lasts as I cannot locate the charger.

James C Brett
Pen with Watercolour
Recycled Card

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thursday, 17th October 2013 - Portrait in Black

Mark has done as much as a man can do with our house and left but may return in March.

Tim has left and gone to Atlanta but should return at the beginning of the week.

Si came and returned my floriforous teapots and went home to Lesley and his cows.

Lindsey came and left as I was off to an amazing demonstration by the artist Juliette Dodd - three portraits from the audience in one evening was stunning to see. I may have picked up enough tips to have a go at a full frontal but not today. I had to go alone as Sarah was occupied elsewhere.

I have a dilema - I am two thirds of the way through watching the GBBO on iplayer but should really go to bed as I have guests to look after in the morning. That Paul Hollywood is so tempting with his piercing blue eyes when a woman is home alone.

Sorry Paul, you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Portrait in Black
Recycled Card

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday, 16th October 2013 - Back to Work

Sorry to tell you Tom but you are wrong.

The secret event was Si and Lesley's 25th wedding anniversary dinner/party/wonderful celebration at Hever Castle. Si had managed to keep it a secret from Lesley. Amazing - well done Si. Some of us were there already hiding in the Music Room when Si brought Lesley in. I think one of Lesley's biggest surprises was seeing Jamie wearing a shirt. The drinks flowed. So many people to chat with. It was lovely to see Caroline and Sarah. We ate dinner in the Astor Wing which was delightful. The cottage pie made with Si's beef was very tasty. Lindsey made a beautiful cake. I filled teapots with flowers to adorn the tables. Does it all make sense now?

It was a fantastic evening. I think everyone is feeling a little tired and/or delicate today.

Back to Work
Pen with Watercolour
Recycled Card

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tuesday, 15th October 2013 - Still Secret

I am still not allowed to say anything. Tomorrow - I promise.

Still Secret
Pen with Watercolour
Recycled Card

Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday, 14th October 2013 - Fourteen Teapots

I have spent a happy few hours today filling fourteen teapots with flowers. It is a secret. All will be revealed tomorrow.

Fourteen Teapots
Pen with Watercolour
Recyled Card

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Saturday, 13th October 2013 - Rain Didn't Stop Play

We were planning to go for a walk with Tony and Wendy but it has been raining all day so we met at The Woodcock and caught up on news over a few drinks.

Rain Didn't Stop Play
Pen with Watercolour
Recycled Card

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Saturday, 12th October 2013 - Entertainment in Cranbrook

It was a bit of a shock to be working this morning but having the delightful Dame Anstee and her driver as a guests made it ok to get up at 6am on a Saturday.

It was the annual Apple Fair. We gathered in Cranbrook with many other Weald of Kent Morris. The weather was surprisingly warm and sunny compared to the torrential rain of yesterday. The Morris danced gloriously as ever. I fell in love the singer of a band (his voice of course) - if only I was 30 plus years younger.

This evening I made a blonde pizza. Tim does not enjoy Strictly Come Dancing so I will be saving that to watch while ironing tomorrow.

I wonder where Sarah was?

Entertainment in Cranbrook
Recycled card

Friday, 11 October 2013

Friday, 11th October 2013 - Beans and Sunflowers

On my way to get sand for Mark I bought myself a bunch of sunflowers. This was yesterday but the flowers have an impact on my kitchen table today.

I was clearing out today and found an old fondue cookery book. I was ready to add this to my recycling pile until I read the inscription:-

April 1982
To Tim and Kate
On your engagement. Wishing you all the best for the future.
Love from Roger, Sue and Mark

It is back in the bookcase. Anyone fancy a fondue?

Beans and Sunflowers
Pen with Watercolour
Clairefontaine 140lb rough

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thursday, 10th October 2013 - Mark's Tidy Tools

Blimey it has turned chilly.

We have had Mark rebuilding our rotting steps and putting up new weather board on the last bit that remains of the old Colt house. His likes to keep things in order. It is so good to have someone to tidy up all those fiddly bits. He does a mighty good job too. I would like to keep him on for a bit longer if I can persuade Tim that my need is great and justworthy.

I am at home alone waiting for Sarah, with her cough, to come and collect me and take me to The Honeymoon for book group. Tim has gone to The Woolpack (and then to The Bull for dinner) for a drink with Steve and Mike (from France) and Mike (from Tenterden).

Mark's Tidy Tools
Pen with Watercolour
Recycled Card

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday, 9th October 2013 -

I have much of the day in the garden. The chickens are sparkling and the weeds in the compost.

Watercolour and Quink Ink
Clairefontaine 140lb rough

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tuesday, 8th October 2013 - Three Girls

I spent the afternoon with my gorgeous grandchildren and Harriet. We enjoyed the warm sun at Toddlers Cove.

Three Girls
Pen with watercolour
Recycled Card

Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday, 7th October 2013 -

After a pottering day I picked up Sarah and we went to our art class. I produced very little this evening as I was planning my next spectacular piece of work.

Class Mates
Pen with Watercolour
Recycled Card

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday, 6th October 2013 - Sibling Presents

Relating to my work - a storm before the calm. Now it is calm.

I found the sun this afternoon and soaked it up while reading in the garden.

This afternoon we visited Mike and Pippa. They have their planning permission - yippee.

These are the gifts from my brother and sister. I love the rule from Chris, one side it has inches and centimetres and the other has Rulers of England - clever and educational.

Sibling Presents
Clairefontaine 140lb rough

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday, 5th October 2013 - Missing Some Family

What a busy day. I started at 5.45am and am finishing soon at 9pm.

We held a birthday party for Mum's 82nd birthday which was lovely but I find entertaining more tiring nowadays.

Missing Some Family
Pen with Watercolour
Clairfontaine 140lb rough

Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday, 4th October 2013 - A missed Bill Newton Moment

I have evicted a multitude of spiders from every crook, cranny and crevice.

Tim alerted to me to an amazing sunset. Great I could practice the techniques shown to me by Bill Newton last night. As always what was in my mind I was unable to transfer to paper. I partly can blame having to let a guest in when I was at a crucial wet-in-wet moment that ended wet-on-dry. Hey ho.

A missed Bill Newton Moment
Clairefontaine 140lb rough

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Thursday, 3rd October 2013 - Bill Newton's Equipment

I have been a domestic demon today. My cold is receding.

This evening a reluctant Sarah and I fought our way through rain and lightening to see a demonstration by the very talented artist Bill Newton. He painted a watercolour marinescape in about an hour and a half - why can't we produce such work in our two hour art class is a mystery now we have seen how easy it is.

Bill Newton's Equipment
Pen with watercolour
Clairefontaine 140lb rough

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wednesday, 2nd October 2013 - Quink Alternative

Happy birthday to my gorgeous 26 (really?!?) year old son Tom.

I have not ventured very far today due to my cold.

Tim had a picture shoot for Kent Life about Morris dancing - we managed to squeeze a bed and breakfast promo in too.

I have been experimenting to try and find a non fugitive alternative to Quink Ink. Ultramarine and burnt siena seem to be the closet I can achieve.

Quink Alternative
Clairetontaine 140lb rough

Tuesday, 1 October 2013