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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018 - Morris Musicians

Harriet was with me this morning when I got a clean dressing on my wound. That sounds disgusting. I declined the offer of a photo. She said it was a vertical incision. That is why my eyebrows are closer together. I was hoping for more of an uplift than a tuck.

Mum seemed convivial. I was concerned that at nearly midday she was still in bed in her nightie. This is not good practice. I will pop in more often to check that it was just today.

My idea to build a website to sell my art is still in the planning. I am now deeply considering this. Someone questioned me as to whether I had sold any of my work. Yes, I have but not a huge amount. I wonder if he thought my work I am wasting my time. Maybe I am wasting my time. I cannot imagine my life without art.

I was with Weald of Kent Morris at The Vine Inn in Goudhurst this evening. Tim and I were both feeling extremely tired. The company of others was good to marinade in. I felt much better for it.

Morris Musicians 
140lb NOT

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