Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sunday, 8th January 2017 - Delia's Soup

Knowing that there would be temptation at the party we were going to this evening I made soup for our homecoming. We spent a most enjoyable evening at Kell and Pat's New Years event amongst many people.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Friday, 6th January 2017 - Fields of Mist

The Christmas pudding tea cosy with the reindeer teapot have been put away. I expect I have missed a bauble or two still lurking amongst the cobwebs.

We've been watching Homeland on Netflix. We are on the last season. I shall miss Quinn. He reminds me of a friend. Rather good looking. Do you ever get that realisation that you have not heard a word that person has said because you've been too busy admiring their beauty?

I arranged with Lesley and Alli to meet at The Vine for an early evening drink. Tim arranged to meet with Si and Nick at The Vine. Steve and Ray came too. I like a gin and tonic but balk at paying £6 for one. I just want Gordons gin with cold tonic from the siphon, maybe a slice of lemon. My palette cannot tell that I am drinking Hendricks and Fever Tree with cucumber.

Saturday, 7th January 2017 - A Gift of Tête-à-Tête

I dislike my alarm. I want to lie in bed, hold your hand and watch the sun rise.
My delightful guests gave me a gift of a bowl of narcissus which I totally deserve.
Hetty has started Judo. I am very proud, she is the only girl in the group - taught by two women which is excellent - and floored the boy who was her partner three times. Hugo has started training school too. It sounds like it is as much about teaching the owners as the puppies. He did well too.
I nearly ran out of mushrooms for my guests. Sporting a sticky sinus headache today I did not feel the desire to venture to the supermarket. I was able to get an order this morning from Tescos and a very nice man delivered it to me this evening.
We have a new electric meter. It's 2kW an hour to have the oven on. And as for the kettle!!! We have occupied ourselves trying to find out where the rest of it is being used. The washing machine varies the most with its spinning and heating. I may be in need a new hobby.
A Gift of Tête-à-Tête, Pen and Wash

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Thursday, 5th January 2017 - Frost and Ice

Harriet and I visited Sarah for coffee. We took buns. The salted caramel pastry was good. So was the jam doughnut. They were cut up into smallish pieces for sharing. Hannah and Issac were there. Issac is adorable and rather good in Harriet's arms. A trip out was much needed for both of us.
The news told me about our cake culture is giving us tooth decay. I am not terribly surprised.
Tim and I walked in the forest where the frost and ice had not cleared. I love the sound of creaking ice under my wellie.
We are planning a clear out of the kitchen. Stuff sneakily accumulates until there are piles and bits and things without any cohesion. It's gotta go.
Frost and Ice, Watercolour

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Wednesday, 4th January 2017 - Sunbeams

My alarm was evil. 6am...just the one snooze. When I can get my act together and be arsed to get out of bed I love the house at this time of day when no one is up and about and it is just me, my thoughts and a mug of tea. A beautiful time.
Now we have recovered from our colds, Tims lasted over three weeks, mine a few days, we are trying to excercise our Christmas fat off by taking up walking again. Once I have hauled myself out the door it is most enjoyable. Fitting it in between other pressing acitivities can be a challenge especially with such short daylight hours. We did it today.
Steve, Zoe and Lizzie are over from France. They called in for tea, Christmas cake and the champagne we did not drink New Years Eve. Steve has broken his arm skiing. Trees, a lost piste, a cliff edge and a helicopter were involved. I felt terrified hearing the story.
I watched a programme on interior design where three people get 48 hours to do up a room. You cannot make a descent job in such a short space of time. The fast forward button was useful. Ridiculous.
Sunbeams, Watercolour

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017 - Prepared Pink Hyacinth

I have become a happy lazy lummox, staying up until midnight and then not getting out of bed until the sun has risen. A most enjoyable state to be in but needs to be rapidly rectified as I have guests booked in.

Tom has filled his car with Christmas gifts and left us again. Each time he goes it gives a little pull at my soul. I know he is fine, I know he is well, I know he will be ok but it still hurts just a little. I am mighty pleased I have Harriet as an Elastoplast.

James Blunt sang to me while I got the house back to some sort of order. From my internal position I could watch Brett chain sawing the dead trees blocking the light from our rose garden. I am expecting an abundance of blooms.

So sad about George Michael. He helped me through my turbulent teenage years.

Mum gave me a basket of green bulbs for Christmas that are now pink and gorgeous.

Prepared Pink Hyacinth, Pen

Monday, 2 January 2017

Monday, 2nd January 2017 - The Moon and Venus

Another day, another broken resolution. No, I'm not telling. I like to keep a sense of mystery.

The Christmas decorations are being deleted giving the house a feeling of baldness.

My MiFit band is delighted with me today. At 10,000 steps I got a smiley face accompanied by a little vibrate. This was caused by a walk with Tim, Tony and Wendy with her new hip. What a stunner of a day it has been with sunshine, beautiful scenery and not-so-bad company.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sunday, 1st January 2017 - Brume on Winchelsea Beach

It's good to be back blogging. Treat me gently it has been a while since I have picked up a brush. It feels great.
I have a pile of New Years Resolutions batting around my mind, only one broken by this evening. On the positive side I did manage it for over six hours.
Mum, oh my Mum. A call to her revealed a bad back. This can be excruciating. Unfortunately the lack of an available doctor for two days may have exacerbated it. I prevented her from calling her lifeline, which could have caused the calling of an ambulance and persuaded her to call 111 for medical attention. I took a concerned trip to see her and found her pottering happily about. Nothing more to say.
We had a fine evening with Tom and the gorgeous Sherlock Holmes. He seemed to be sporting an overload of foundation but I forgive him as he has a rather fine mind.
Brume on Winchelsea Beach, Watercolour