Monday, 30 October 2017

Monday, 30th October 2017 - Swings and Roundabouts

There is still warm sun to be enjoyed. Hetty and Bella had one more day before school starts so we grasped the opportunity and took to the park. Following a romp we needed refreshments in Cocolicious. The girls had a cake and milkshake sugar hit. Harriet and I had sour dough topped delights. Brie and parma ham are so good.

Some of the three lots of 9 for £1 pansies have made it into tubs and are underplanted with daffodils which are enthusiastically shooting and rooting.

Tim battled his way into the house through the pile of Amazon parcels. Not all for India.

At my art class I struggled with mind and body, paint and brushes. I aim to learn from my mistakes...again and again.

Swings and Roundabouts
Pen and Watercolour
140lb CP Not

Sunday, 29th October 2017 - Lost in Frittenden

An extra hour in bed was welcome but it did mean we had to stride out early to avoid getting caught out by the disappearance of the sun. Wendy led us on a fine walk through the softly undulating fields of Frittenden. Sadly, the much anticipated pizza at The Bell and Jorrocks was replaced with three packets of crisps and two nuts. Tony learnt that Wendy is rather partial to a honey nut when he thought she preferred chilli. He now knows what to put in her stocking this Christmas.

Lindsey bravely took our shuffling mother to church, lunch and a look from the car into Coop.

We discussed to pros and cons of Netflix with Tony and Wendy. Decided we wasted far too much time watching television. After they dropped us home we settled down with bean stew to watch a couple of episodes of Limitless.

Lost in Frittenden
140lb CP NOT