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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Wednesday, 3rd June 2020 - Field Daisy

Chris Fawkes told be to expect rain today. It has been a disappointing day. I was expecting a rainy downpour to enliven my garden. It didn't happen. Chris you are a big disappointment to me.

The box hedge chicken sculptures will have to wait another day. I ended up making a vegetable biryani which is a favorite of my husbands. Huge FW has a wonderful recipe which did taste excellent but it took hours to make.

The land around the church at the front of our house is a beautiful plethora of ox eye daisies.

Field Daisy

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 - Scented Sweetpeas

I have a great routine that I am loving but know it will be broken when I start taking guests again. Bugger. Up at 7am and armed with a mug a tea a check on the hens. Tim beat me to it today. By 8am I am my t-shirt and leggings ready for swearing at yoga on YouTube. At 9am I am in the shower shaving my armpits. Around 10.30am Herbie comes to entertain his Grandparents for an hour or so. The rest of the day is unplanned. 

I had my first social distanced visitor. It was so lovely to see Kath. I really needed to see a different face with stories to tell.

I continue to prune my box hedge in the evening as I sweat too much during the daytime.

Scented Sweetpeas

Friday, 29 May 2020

Friday, 29th May 2020 - Walnut Duet

On a positive note I know our electric fence around our hens works. On the negative side if you forget to turn it on at night you might find a headless chicken in the morning. Not a good start to the day.

I sat in the garden this afternoon watching the tits feeding from feeders hung from a wire across the garden. At long last I think we may have defeated the squirrels.

The walnut tree in our garden has suffered many a trauma in the past. Twice mown down by an enthusiastic son. We forgive you Tom. This year it look like it may produce fruit.

Walnut Duet

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Thursday, 28th May 2020 - Geum Stage II

We have a well worn path through the hedge in our garden. I put out our wildlife camera. There is a badger and fox trampling the grass. How exciting.

I popped into my studio and excited about three hours later. There must be a time vortex in there.

My body control pills are not working yet.

Geum Stage II

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Wednesday, 27th May 2020 - Broad Bodied Chaser

Hetty and I sat by the pond and watched the dragonflies.

Broad Bodied Chaser
Pen and Watercolour

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Tuesday, 26th May 2020 - Geum Stage I

This morning I found a shady patch in the garden to pot up some plants.

This afternoon I could move into my studio once the sun had stopped making it a hothouse. I had an excellent time inking up collagraph plates. I learnt that heat and not enough extender makes ones ink dark and menacing.

Black Cohash is going to help me get rid of my hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings. I hope it bloody well works.

Geum Stage I

Monday, 25 May 2020

Monday, 25th May 2020 - Magnum Break

While the sun shone Tim made us pizza to eat in the garden. Hetty, Bella and Herbie artistically topped their own.

Bella and Hetty have got new second hand bikes. From a wobbly start they can now cycle round the garden over all the divots and bumps. Well done girls. It looks exhausting.

Tim and I are feeling tired this evening. We are watching a sci-fi film we have seen before. Neither of us can remember what happened. It is good to not tax the brain cells too much.

Magnum Break
Pen and Watercolour