Thursday, 27 January 2022

Thursday, 27th January 2022 - Threatening Snow

 It is 22.35pm at the time of typing. I have just come back from a book group meeting at the pub. At long last I have satiated a yearning in my soul for liver and crispy bacon.

My mate Sarah suggested a Radio 4 programme. I put in my ear buds, opened BBC Sounds and spent the next hour or so crying as I made up the bed and breakfast rooms. You could have told me it was going to be heart ripping. Be warned if you do listen to Goodbye to All This you will need a box of tissues. Really well written. The music is good too. Also maybe read the description before just in case you're not feeling strong enough to handle the story.

I was potting up my bargain dahlias that I purchased yesterday while watching the sky darken from the north east. It very much looked a snow ladened cloud was heading my way but it passed without incident.

Threatening Snow

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Wednesday, 26th January 2022 - Guys at the Garage

Happy happy birthday to gorgeous Pippa. I hope you have a glorious day my darling.

There was a jumper I desired at Christmas but I refused to buy it at such an exorbitant price. Today I found it was on sale and half the price. It went into my basket along with two shirts with collars for Herbie. He likes a collar. Such a smart grandson.

I am still making brown ink. The latest batch has a tinge of green.

Tomorrow I am decaptating my wilted daffodils. I am expecting yellow ink.

Our Peugeot has had an MOT and a repaired puncture. We hope for another year on the road.

Guys at the Garage
Homemade Willow Charcoal and Watercolour 

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Tuesday, 25th January 2022 - Strike-A-Pose

My kitchen is full of saucepans, bowls and bottles of brown ink in various degrees of processing. Thankfully I have a very tolerant husband. My quest for something other than brown continues. 

We took Tim's Mum to The Bale House for a sandwich lunch. The day was so grey there was no definition between land and sea. The views can be stunning. My sister-in-law walked from Fairlight to join us. I should have joined her but couldn't be arsed. She has just done a course on botanical fabric dyeing. I have tips on how to make green. I just need some nettles. I confessed to another artist about my 'obsession' she called it a 'passion'. I have a lot of passion in my life.

We have begun watching The Responder. Martin Freeman plays a tortured character. I have twisted feelings about it.

Pen and Watercolour

Monday, 24 January 2022

Monday, 24th January 2022 - Let's Face it Lesson

My evening plans changed. I spent it following a portrait tutorial by Angela Kennedy. Totally out of my comfort zone. 

Let's Face It Lesson
Charcoal and Watercolour

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Sunday, 23rd January 2022 - Preparing for Flowers

I braved a cold garden today. It helped with a bit of a woozily head after last night. I have planted French beans and broad beans that are nestled in pots. On good advice I found out that sweet peas need a warmer environment than the greenhouse to germinate. They are now in the house with us.

There is eucalyptus bark steeping on the cooker. I wont need to buy any ink soon. The sofa enticed me this afternoon where I sat and read Wild Inkt who is a dutch artist. She gives advice on ink making on her website. She told me that avocado stones make a pink ink. If you have any please save them for me.

My home grown vegetables have never been very successful. I am ok at beans. Anything else is a dismal failure. So I am turning one of the beds into a flower cutting garden. Tim has emptied a compost bin ready to enhance the soil. I follow Anya Lautenbach on Instagram. She is going to guide me step by step. I am looking forward to this project.

Preparing for Flowers
Pen and Watercolour

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Saturday, 22nd January 2022 - Delia's Marmalade

I wasn't going to make marmalade this year as my stocks are quite high. Then a friend told me of a super easy method using a food processor and I was too tempted not to try. The house smells of glorious Seville oranges.

I am typing a little blurry eyed and drinking mint tea after a meal at The Swan in Tenterden. We were celebrating Pippa's birthday, The food was just so delicious, as of course was the company. I would not/could not have cooked anything like we ate at home. Do you want to know what I chose? ...  to start, ham hock, smoked eel and apple terrine, tomato kasundi, pancetta crisp and brioche toast - I love all the little tasty bits. Next was lamb shoulder, lamb rump, burnt hispi cabbage and smoked celeriac - wow - I would never ever attempt to replicate this at home. I managed to have griottine cherry parfait, chocolate delce and sesame tuile - the most amazing flavours. Happy birthday to my dear friend Pippa.

Delia's Marmalade
Kate's Willow Ink and Watercolour

Friday, 21 January 2022

Friday, 21st January 2022 - Indian Runners and a Mallard

This afternoon my sister took me for a muddy walk and talk through the magic woods and by a raft of ducks. They expectantly got out of the water for bread that we didn't have. Next time ducks. We collected catkins from what we guessed was a beech tree. On an internet search I think they are more likely to be hazel. They are in a saucepan steeping ready for ink. I cannot find a suitable subject to use for the willow ink I have made.

A box of oranges from Seville is waiting to be made into marmalade. A suggestion on the side recommends them for use with duck!!! 

Indian Runners and a Mallard
Pen and Watercolour