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Saturday, 12 October 2019

Saturday, 12th October 2019 - Autumn Pears

I can go and see Harriet in my dressing gown. I wont be able to do this when they move to Wickhambreaux. I will miss my morning visits.

We had lovely coffee and with delightful sweet pastries from the Italian deli chez Carters. They have been doing great inspirational work on their house. It is so much better than Grand Designs.

Autumn Pears
Pen and Watercolour

Friday, 11th October 2019 - Favourite Mug

Tim's brother, David and his wife (David's wife not Tim's), came for tea and no biscuits even after Herbie presenting them with the biscuit tin. At 4.30pm we had had enough tea so went to The Woodcock to sit on their high chairs and have beer and lager and lime.

Favourite Mug
Pen and Watercolour

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Thursday, 10th October 2019 - Bedtime Stories

Two mugs of tea were consumed before walking into the village to watch Hetty's Roman themed school assembly. Well done Hetty you make a fine gladiator.

I have collected flyers advertising an art exhibition I am showing some work at The Powdermills in Battle mid November. I got confused between Water Lane and Stream Lane but managed to get a mug of tea in between my travels and stories from my sister.

Tim called on his way home. The streets of London are strangely quiet due to The Extinction Rebellion protests.

Bedtime Stories
Pen and Watercolour

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Wednesday, 9th October 2019 - Here Is Autumn

I am feeling very relaxed after my holiday in Rome.

While away the house has had a deluge of daddy long legs - all the dead ones have gone up the hoover pipe.

It is good to be back home and have coffee and stories with Harriet and biscuits with Herbie.

Here Is Autumn

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Sunday, 29th September 2019 - Gorgeous Trio

The Three French Hens were holding a Brocante in Tenterden this weekend. A very successful event. The poor weather didn't deter the buyers. I visited this afternoon and came home with three cream coloured pots which will be perfect for still life paintings. Well done.

I do miss my Mum. She had endless time for my stories and had some good advice - most of the time. Her love being unconditional was something I never really appreciated. You were a great comfort Mum.

Happy second anniversary to my husband. We opened a bottle of champagne that had been in the fridge was rather too long as it was corked. There was a bottle of Oxney rosé which was very delicious. My reaction to alcohol this evening was to make me very tired. We were in bed before ten. Well it was our anniversary.

Gorgeous Trio
Pen and Watercolour

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Saturday, 28th September 2019 - Early Anniversary

Tony dropped in this morning while I was still lummoxing around in my dressing gown drinking tea. He delivered the most gorgeous flowers grown and gathered by Wendy. Thank you they are beautiful.

We have Jamie Olivers new cookery book. We have been experimenting with the recipes. The onion soup was ok but too sweet. The aubergine lasagne was pretty awful. Tonight I tried the mushroom lasagne which was delicious but it did take three hours to make and cook.

We were delighted to see Harriet and Herbie return home. He missed his sisters as much as they missed him. Take care little chap.

I am nearly at the bottom of my Bloom gin bottle. Luckily I have planned ahead and have a couple more litres in the cupboard.

Early Anniversary

Friday, 27th September 2019 - Ashford Hospital from Padua Ward

The GP decided Herbie should go to hospital. He needed a drip after having a stomach bug that has taken its toll. I am so proud of Harriet for being so strong. Herbie was so very brave. After being tested, prodded, blood taken and needles inserted he said 'Thank you" to the nurses and doctor and "Well done" for himself. It broke my heart. Harriet was able to stay with him overnight. He is having fantastic care.

Ashford Hospital from Padua Ward
Pen and Watercolour