Thursday, 24 September 2020

Thursday, 24th September 2020 - Fish for Dinner

 I met Sarah in the carpark of Hartley Dyke. We put on our masks, sanitised our hands and had our details taken. After finding a charming table we sat down and took off our masks. Drank our coffee. Put our masks on again so we could leave. I spent the next hour or so shopping and taking my mask on and off and on and off. What strange times.

Fish for Dinner
Pen and Watercolour

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020 - Stir Fry

I woke up in an extremely irritable mood due to a hormone disturbed night.

The day improved as the hours passed by.

Tim, Herbie and I took soup and apple crumble for lunch with Herbie's great grandma. I was taken back 30 years to when I forgot the kids bibs and we tied T-towels around their necks. It proved a good soup catcher for Herbie. I was thoroughly entertained by my grandson. 

I did a stir-fry for dinner to try and counteract our calorie laden lunch.

Stir Fry
Pen and Watercolour

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Tuesday, 22nd September 2020 - Tonic

Happy birthday to Lesley. Si and Lesley dropped in on us for drinks and crisps after delivering some sheep. Sitting in the garden we watched the Baxi man mend the boiler and the gas man replace a bunged up regulator. We have our hot water and cooker restored.

It looked like it was going to be the last of the warm evenings for this year. And we may be heading for another lockdown. We took advantage of both scenarios with Tony and Wendy. We sat in the garden, drank beer and wine, and ate pots of rarebit outside until it got too cold and we moved into the kitchen for coffee and chocolate.

Sarah gave me a few bottle of tonic which was just what I needed for my gin. .

Pen and Watercolour

Monday, 21 September 2020

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Sunday, 20th September 2020 - Scrumping

Our fruit bowls are brimming with apples following a walk with Tony and Wendy. It was thirsty work which we quenched with beer and lager sitting in their garden while the tits ate their nuts.


Saturday, 19 September 2020

Saturday, 19th September 2020 - Retracting Evenings

Saturday morning is our playdate with Bella and Herbie. Making bread and pizzas for lunch with Grandad is a good distraction from a productive cold. I am sure the baking in a hot oven kills any lingering cold germs.

A walk across the fields with Tim stretched some achy muscles and lifted my headache. I gathered a bag of grasses and seeds for future collagraph projects that are batting around in my brain.

Another session watching Cormoran Strike. I am a little bit in love with both Cormoran and his female side kick Robin.

Retracting Evenings
Watercolour and Charcoal

Friday, 18 September 2020

Friday, 18th September 2020 - Collagraph Studies

 I have had an indulgent day. Leelee and I have been with Birgitta learning collagraphing techniques in her garden studio. Birgitta gave us advice and techniques with generosity that was inspiring. I am shattered but buzzing with ideas.

I came home to find a very snotty Herbie on my sofa. He has a real stinker of a cold poor little chap. We got out the old red plastic train set and spent a lovely time crawling around the kitchen floor. I hope he gets a good night sleeping off his germs.

We are back to watching Spooks this evening with dinner on our laps. Perfect.

Collagraph Studies

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Thursday, 17th September 2020 - Self Seeded

Amazon delivered turmeric and black pepper tablets. They promise to stabilize my sleep and moods.

The flower bed I weeded beside the greenhouse should be done until Spring. I now have the rest of the garden to work through.

Harriet took the girls to look round their new school near Canterbury. It sounds delightful. I am mixed with my emotions. Maybe I should take another turmeric capsule.

Self Seeded
Pen and Watercolour

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Wednesday, 16th September 2020 - Poultry Carers

At 5am our cockerel decided it was time to start the day. He is going to a new home on Friday. I am not going to miss his crowing.

I have recovered from my Indian indulgence. The cure was plenty of tea and yoga.

What a great way to end with day with Cormoran Strike.

Poultry Carers
Pen and Watercolour

Tuesday, 15th September 2020 - New Neighbours

Harriet and I did a session of yoga with Adriene in the garden whilst Herbie mastered his first morning at preschool. He did great. I am mighty proud of them both it has been a massive step.

Tim finished his second day of his symposium. It should have been in Scotland but due to Covid19 had to resort to being online. I miss not having had the chance to wander the streets of Glasgow.

Happy birthday to Roger. We dropped by their new house. The unpacked boxes are making it look like their home.

In Tenterden we sat outside Mike and Pippa's with beer and wine. We finished with an Indian takeaway. I am now awake at 1.42am with indigestion from eating too much madras.

New Neighbours
Pen and Watercolour

Monday, 14 September 2020

Monday, 14th September 2020 - Water Play

The Weald of Kent Art Society online exhibition is up and looking good. Take a browse.

I had two grandchildren to look after. It was hot enough to get the paddling pools out. We are making the most of the last sunny days for this year.

Water Play
Pen and Watercolour

Monday, 7 September 2020

Monday, 7th September 2020 - Naked Cyclamen

My nights are disturbed by flushes of heat. I can feel it start with a creeping tingle in my hands and feet followed by creeping heat that finishes at my head. Weird. Could this be the reason for my crossness.

It has been six months since Sarah

and I met at Cocolicious. It is now Wendy's. We had one tea, one coffee, one bacon roll and one bacon and egg roll. It was surprisingly expensive. I have been put off returning. We will have to find another meeting venue.

A collection of cyclamen are now flowering under the winter. I had forgotten that Wendy had given them to me in the spring. What a lovely surprise to see that they have survived.

Naked Cyclamen
Pen and Watercolour

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Sunday, 6th September 2020 - Babysitting

Tim lit the BBQ for the first and probably the last this year. The black pudding, burgers, halloumi and corn on the cob I cooked with watering eyes. The two blackened bananas were only liked by me. I ate them both. You don't know what you are missing.

It was a brief babysitting requested.The grandchildren didn't really need me to look after them this afternoon.

Pen and Watercolour

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Thursday, 3rd September 2020 - Money Plant

A couple of weeks ago my mate Leelee gave me a tiny plant. It is thriving on my kitchen table and soon to have offspring.

I have had my head stuck in the database for The Weald of Kent Society Art Unlocked Exhibition. . There are nearly one hundred delightful pieces or art for sale. Only a few days to go before we go live

Money Plant

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Wednesday, 2nd September 2020 - Pippa, Mandi, Lizzie and Gloria

I have downloaded Adriene's yoga calendar for September. I will be working to 'Build'. Today was 42 minutes for Strength. It was very bendy.

I took our laden car to Sissinghurst. Lizzie and I unloaded her kit so she can set up for Benjamin Vintage Finds ready for customers looking for beautiful 1950's clothing. The setting up for the Three French Hens sale is looking like order will come from the chaos.

Pippa, Mandi, Lizzie and Gloria
Pen, Charcoal and Watercolour