Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday, 27th June 2014 - Trees, Mist and Hogweed at 5am

I have had my sleep disrupted a lot this week. This morning I was up at 4.15am so I was prepared to take Tim to Staplehurst Station for an ASHRAE trip to Seattle.

Back home for a changeover and more washing up.

I collected a box of pottery from Katie Brinsley in Hawkhurst to sell to my guests. I like the small bottle with butterflies on very much.

I was worried about Tom after hearing about the tragic death of a 26 year old at Glastonbury - I could not settle until I had had a reassuring text from him. He was just about to have a shower!!!

This evening is was just me - and my guests.

Trees, Mist and Hogweed at 5am
Texture Paste and Watercolour
Clairefontaine 140lb rough

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thursday, 26th June 2014 - Addiction

The dishwasher engineer turned up at 6.45am - I hope he did not mind me being in my dressing gown. The dishwasher is a write off due to a leaking pump. Now we have to wait for the wheels to grind along to get a replacement.

I don't like washing up.

I have a stretch of one set of guests leaving and one set arriving each and every day for a while. Thank goodness I have Murray to entertain me while I do the ironing.

The first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning is a mug of tea. Do you think I should be worried?

Pen with Watercolour
A5 Card

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wednesday, 25th June 2014 - Canine Garment Alternation

After serving my guests with fruit salad, tea and coffee I drove over to Canterbury. Brett had forgotten to leave the car seats behind so Harriet, Hetty, Bella and I caught the bus to Whitstable. Hetty had a haircut. We spent a happy hour or so playing in the sun on the beach. Bella spent a lot of time sending pebbles splashing into the sea. It was hot enough for naked play and ice-creams. The bus journey and walk home were a bit hot and tiring.

This evening Tim was dancing at The Peacock and I decided to support him even though it led to another late night.

Steve and Alan played some lovely music with a bit of singing. Badger Alan's dog chewed a hole in the top I had purchased from Whitstable that very day.

Canine Garment Alteration
Watersoluble Pen
A5 Card

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tuesday, 24th June - Another Adventure

Happy Birthday to my big sister Lindsey.

Tim had a day doing a short course.

Tom who only returned from Bradford yesterday had to be transported to Staplehurst Station for his next excursion working a The Fluffy Rock at Glastonbury Festival - he gets to wear a charming pink T-shirt.

Tim and I were feeling in need of a walk through cows and fields to the Kitty Fisher for an evening drink. Very pleasant.

Another Adventure
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Card

Monday, 23 June 2014

Monday, 23rd June 2014 - Graveyard Grasses

My two new sets of guests were making the most of this glorious weather in the garden.

This evening Sarah collected me for art. We were painting at Headcorn Church. I found some lovely vegetation.

Graveyard Grasses
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Card

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday, 22nd June 2014 - Many Dishes

Brett arrived full of beans and did a 10 hour day working on the house.

I was feeling rather tired and had to had a little sleep in the afternoon.

Our dishwasher still does not work.

Many Dishes
Pen with Watercolour
Clairefontaine 140lb rough

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Saturday, 21st June 2014 - Arabella Watch

The Evans arrived shortly after breakfast. I was going to see Mum with the girls but Mum is not feeling up to our lively visit. We spent the afternoon in the garden with sun, paddling pools, zoo animals and bubbles. Brett was ripping the house apart.

Tim took a break from his computer to catch Bella doing acrobatics.

Mike and Pippa came for a quick Margarita and kindly gave us a lift to Mike and Annabel's where we expecting a small dinner party. We turned up to a big proper party with lots of people we had not seen for ages and some we had. A rather enjoyable evening but I am not so good at the 2am bedtimes.

Arabella Watch
Pen with watercolour
A5 Card

Friday, 20 June 2014

Friday, 20th June 2014 - Sweetpea

Our dishwasher has broken!!!  We have to wait until Thursday (I will have dried crinkly hands by then) until a man will come and repair it.

Before my guests arrived for breakfast I had chocolate brownies baking in the oven, Yogurt fermenting in the yogurt maker and bread being made in the breadmaker. Things slowed down after that.

Snapdragons make a very long lasting cut flower I have discovered.

Guests gone, guests come and Tim is home. Sarah is considering whether to join me at art next term. I am hoping I can persuade, bribe and bully her into coming.

Monty is telling me to improve my garden environment to reduce the slug and snail invasion. I would like him to come and look at my petunia stumps and see what his advice would be then.

A4 Recycled Card

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Thursday, 19th June 2014 - Fujifilm F660 EXR

I woke up alone. Tim will return to me tomorrow.

It was a pretty busy morning. I had a need to put roses on the breakfast table this morning which included some delightful little black beetles to chase around and remove, then breakfasts for guests (I still seem to get in a bit of a muddly panic), Tescos (the driver had a need to tell me all about his new van and how he could not drive it under our trees as it may get scratched), Robert returning the bunting (including a bottle of bonus red wine), phone calls to Mum (her operation is all booked after two cancellations), to Harriet and from Tim, also checking and paying for our twelve new windows. Brett arrived and by the end of today he has nearly nearly nearly finished the garage. We can start stripping, ripping and rebuilding maybe on Saturday.

I took a trip to Tescos - they must think I really like them - to collect my lovely new camera. I just have to read the instruction booklet, watch the CD so I can learn how to use it. Tom is home on Monday!?! Done it! Here is the first photo.

Just off the check what is happening with the football.

Fujifilm F660 EXR
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Recycled Card

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wednesday, 18th June 2014 - Not Snappy Dragon

It has been a day of nothing very interesting today. Watering the dry pots and hanging baskets. Tim packing to leave me. Hoovering while wearing a jumper and thinking I have a hormonal hot flush when it is just hot.

I am home alone (no family) - with four bnb guests. One couple are so delighted with what I have on offer they wish to stay an extra night. Excellent they are lovely too.

I am surprised that I am quite enjoying watching a football match while blogging - well sort of watching I am not sure who is playing - they seem to be having a rest at the moment - I have heard it is quite hot in Brazil. Could be Chilli and Spain???

I have grown from seed some Snapdragons for Hetty and Bella. I choose a particularly delightful double variety - they do not snap.

Not Snappy Dragon
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Recycled Card

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tuesday, 17th June 2014 - Edible Bouquet and Hetty

I tried to speed myself up this morning so I could get myself over to Canterbury and my girls but I still did not make it much before (or even after 12.30).

I had a wonderful afternoon. A trip to the park, then went to The Good Shed and watched trains while eating cake and Harriet ran around after Bella. Then off to the shops and time to go back for tea and then I came home. I was meant to be helping Harriet taking it easy. I think we did too much.

My granddaughers are a complete and utter delight. I love them so very much.

Edible Bouquet and Hetty
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Recycled Card

Tim is going away tomorrow so we decided to spend some quality time together at The Kitty Fisher.

I mentioned I needed a new camera - mine does not charge, goes off when it likes and has a nasty black mark in the middle of the lens. I got an email from Tesco - they are sending me a new one.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Monday, 16th June 2014 - Headcorn Church I and II

I had a 'go-slow' day today. Harriet is not well and wanted me to go and help but I tempted her with a better offer of more hours tomorrow. It was a reasonable decision as I did not finish breakfasts and beds until early afternoon.

I collected a 'less than enthusiastic' Sarah for our art class where we met a 'less than enthusiastic' Tim at Headcorn Church. I think the cause of our minor frustration is not knowing what we are doing. I think I have an idea by the end of this evening - it is not the one I started with - and probably not the one I will have next week.

Headcorn Church I
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Recycled Card

Headcorn Church II
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Recycled Card

Sarah confessed over a glass of rose and a packet of crisps that she may not continue with our class next September - I do understand but I will miss my buddy very much. Anyone else want to come with me?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday, 15th June 2014 - Beer Break and Sissinghurst

Happy Father's Day to Dad - I miss you very much.

After some sleep I managed to get myself out of bed and serve a delightful breakfast. It does help that it is light, warm and the birds sing - sometimes a little loudly.

Brett arrived and busied himself with the garage under the watchful eye of Tim.

Tim and I met with Nick, Suzy, the youthful Annie, and a little later Lindsey to listen to Soul Alchemy (I just go for Barry) play at The Woolpack. A little early for drinking so I just had a small cider or two.

Beer Break
Pen with Watercolour
A5 Recycled Card

Tony and Wendy came to collect us for a private tour (cos I was 50) of Sissinghurst Gardens. Tim made us a little Margarita as Wendy missed out at my birthday party. The cocktail waiter got sidetracked. Off to the gardens. It was wonderful without anyone there and really interesting to have an expert guide. Thank you Wendy.

Pen with Watercolour
A5 Recycled Card

Tony was on taxi duty. Very much appreciated Tony. We followed up the garden with a very very good Indian at the Biddenden in Biddenden - the name eludes me at present. Tim had a Taste card so we got 50% off but not drinks, king prawns, poppadums and ice-cream please note. Gram Spice that is the one.

I go to bed very happy and full.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saturday, 14th June 2014 - Bubbles

Guests go.......

The Evans' Family are here today. Brett disappeared with a horizontal pair of garage doors that turned vertical by the end of the day. The garage is looking rather beautiful. I am tempted to move into it now the wiring and plumbing is going in. It would make a fantastic studio but I am still holding out a slight hope that I will get one in the south side of the garden.

I bought Hetty some Paddington books. He seems to get an awful lot of disappointments during his adventures. I am sure he didn't when I was a child. Hetty loved them with a furrowed brow. Takes a lot of concentration a new story.

Bella has a rather disgusting 'old man' cough which is making her very attached to Harriet. We visited Great Grandma in Winchelsea and covered her in ice lolly and chocolate biscuits. Mum's white blouse shows every stain to its full potential.

Mum has had her surgery on her Melanoma cancelled for the second time with now new date given. Not good news but hopefully a few phone calls from Lindsey will get things sorted.

....guests arrive.

Tim and I went to Gay's 50th (good vintage) birthday party at Gibson's Barn. I did think the bunting made the marquee look lovely. Good wine/food/company. Si looked mighty fine considering his internal eye stitches. Back home to find a welcome note from our guests requesting breakfast at 9.30am - very considerate after a late night.

Sorry about the robotic arms Hetty.

Pen with Watercolour
Recycled Card

Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday, 13th June 2014 - Chicken Watch


I have been absent for a few months. It was really due to Tom being home and having not much need to blog my day which I now realise was my way of keeping in contact with him while he is away.

Tom has gone again.

My need to contact him through my blog has returned. How I miss my son.

So much to tell but I will keep it simple and go back just a few days.

Sarah and I went on a boat trip (was it only yesterday) at Newenden. Nice boat, even nicer ice-cream

We have lost a chicken. She really really wanted to escape and kept getting out. We kept putting her back. But her last escape was once too many. She has probably been a meal for a fox or stolen by a neighbour - you can make your own deductions.

Here is Tim taking the morning shift waiting for her to come out from under the hedge. I loved that hen.

 I will be back tomorrow - unlike my chicken.

Chicken Watch
Pen with watercolour
Recycled Card