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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Wednesday, 18th April 2018 - Explicit Liaison

What a glorious morning to wake up to. Heavenly sunny days.

I have had social media training from FES. Emily and Fran tutored me in the direction I should go with my art. It is going to take a bit of concentration so I am going to wait until my brain is feeling a bit more bouyant. A fantastic session. Thank you girls. I see them for a follow up after I am up and running when they will guide me through the next stage. Tim is going to build me a website. Exciting stuff.

I was surprised to hear that Mum is not so good. Tim wanted to take the MG out so I hitched a lift. Oh dear. I am not sure that being in a nursing home is quite what she expected. They don't need to call the GP or ambulance as they can assess her with their medical knowledge there. She has got cross with Manuel for not calling an ambulance. When she gets cross she can get really really cross. I tried to talk to her but she was getting a bit muddled about where and what the excruciating pain was. It seems to wandering from heart to back. She said she thought she may have a fractured spine but was managing to get to the toilet on her own. I think that Hawkhurst House is in for a rocky few days. I had a sparkling water at Sarah and Nigel's to recover.

I cooked omelettes for dinner. What a marvelous quick meal they are.

I still have not done my pear painting. I need a couple of hours. Hopefully tomorrow.

Explicit Liaison
Pen and Watercolour
140lb CP
27cm x 18cm
£40 Unframed

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