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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Friday, 6th April 2018 - Chimneys at Sunset

How long would it have been before you told me I had the days of the week wrong on my blog? I have only just realised that I had two Monday's and since then been a day out. I have now edited my mistake. It is rather concerning that for three days this week I had not realised and merrily typed in the wrong day, posted and published it.

My studio is on its third arrangement. This is the last time I drag my pine cupboard around. It is diminishing. Every time I move it a few more bits drop off. My easel is a pain with its long tripod legs that splay out in an exuberant angle. There must be a better design. It takes up a lot of space.  There must be a better design. I will get the family on it.

I cooked some pear for Herbie. He had it with rice this afternoon. Harriet said he enjoyed it very much. His spoon skills are getting better. What went in used to come out and twice as much with all the dribble. He can now swallow from front to back. Well done Herbs.

Tim popped to have a haircut. Half an hour and £8 later and he wont be needing one for quite a while. I like it short.

Tom phoned. It is Friday. We discussed the continuation of our alcohol free status. He reckons he is saving a few hundred pounds a month. If I am it is all going on art materials. He is looking at buying a house. What a exciting prospect. You can get a lot more for your money in Northampton than Benenden. It looks a great house I just hope he doesn't get his hopes dashed. Good luck Tom.

Blimey! It has gone midnight. I should be in bed.

Chimneys at Sunset
Watercolour and Ink
210lb Hahnemühle rough

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