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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Wednesday, 11th April 2018 - Nectarine and Valentine

Tim has meetings, events and a symposium in London. I have three days alone. I think I will be ok. LeeLee came for tea and left me with a recipe for Banana and Butterscotch cake. I have eaten her version on a couple of occasions. It was delicious and freezes like a dream. With many bananas in the fruit bowl the time is ripe for me to have a go.

The news is concerning.

I am ending the day with the weight of guilt on my shoulders. I should have visited Mum but didn't get around to it. Tomorrow. I will go tomorrow.

Nectarine and Valentine
Watercolour and Ink

LTP/LTP Course
This is an extra bit to my blog about the oil painting course I am taking on-line with RĂ³isin O'Farrell.
There are loads of resources in the course. I have been watching the videos since Saturday when it opened. I decided I needed to stop prevaricating and get to it. 

First mix black with a palette knife and test by adding white.

How hard can it be to paint an apple? Incredibly difficult. The mixing of the paint was a new experience. I had to stop to mix more. Mostly painted with a brush. Painting vertically is not what I am used to and the paint stays put. No happy mistakes like watercolour. The paint stays where it is put. 

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  1. Just found and read your blog... great idea, thanks Kate