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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wednesday, 4th April 2018 - Beauty or Beast?


As you know I am fine in the morning but am unable to communicate until I have had a mug of tea. It was an early start I needed two before I could utter or think about feeding delightful guests. I do like the stories they tell. People are fascinating.

There were plenty of visitors to Hawkhurst House today. I thought Harriet, the children and myself would be best saved for another day. I presumed Mum had settled in nicely. She seemed mighty fine yesterday at 4pm eating a trio of cheese, brown bread, grapes, celery and peeled apple. Today, well I wasn't expecting her not wanting to get out of bed or have a bath or get dressed for lunch. that wasn't much of a honeymoon period. Mother....really!!! I will pop in and see her tomorrow.

Tim returned from London. The weather had cleared so we walked and talked about how to tackle our out-of-date hallway. We are now on our third plan and I possibly have a fourth. The frogs will have spawned at this rate. The fritillaria are just coming into flower of the verge of the woods at the bottom of our garden. Harriet is a fan. I am not too sure about their chequered appearance. It doesn't seem quite right.

I had an on-line date with Roisin O'Farrell who is going to lead the way to me becoming a working artist. Our first task is to organise our painting space. This means a major tidy up of my studio. I can still use the kitchen table to do my blogging as that involves a bit of pencil, pen and a splash around with some watercolour. It seems that oil painting needs more space for palettes and canvases and other lovely things that I have bought in preparation but little idea how to use it. All terribly exciting apart from the tidying bit. I am keepint Amazon busy.

I am off to bed with Eleanor Oliphant. Such a great book. I am tempted to take a mug of tea but then I will be needing a pee when I should be sleeping. Just a glass of water then. Goodnight.

Beauty or Beast?
Pen and Watercolour
140lb Torchon Clairefontaine

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