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Monday, 9 April 2018

Monday, 9th April 2018 - The Popes' Campanula

I spoke to Luigi, he is the nurse/toxologist who has taken a keen interest in Mum's drugs. He told me Mum is having plenty of fluids to 'wash down the bladder' - nice.

My studio is looking splendid. There are about 120 students on my course. We have a dedicated Facebook page which is great for sharing, advice and comparison. I shouldn't do the comparison bit. I am feeling a little overwhelmed as there are professional proper working artists in the group producing well good paintings. Some of the studios are amazing. Large - more tidying. Basements and Attics - lots of stairs to carry canvases up and down. Garden rooms - could get cold or hot and lonely. More than one easel - well, you can only do one painting at a time. I love my space very much and am very lucky to have a dedicated to me and mine. Lots of the other students don't.

I have used most if not all my domestic cleaning machines today in readiness for one guest.

Wendy told me that it could be mice eating my pea seeds. I went and had an inspection today but couldn't see any signs of disturbance in the pots. My bets are still on the woodlice.

Eleanor Oliphant is not so funny anymore. It has got incredibly sad and touching and moving. If you read it be prepared to laugh and cry.

The Popes' Campanula
Pen and Watercolour
140lb HP

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  1. Hi Kate, you have a beautiful blog. Your campanulas are gorgeous! I read Elinore Oliphant a while ago it was brilliant, enjoy the rest! Will pop back and visit again. Sharon