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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Sunday, 1st April 2018 - Setting the Scene

We had an egg swapping morning. Tim has eaten his milky bar eggs already. I have been working through my caramel egg. I am pleased to see the packaging tells you how much chocolate is your suggested daily allowance. I am way over my allowance for today so need to abstain for a few days then I can get back to my daily portion. Hetty and Bella were disappointed that the eggs were empty. I am sure you used to get your sweets in a bag inside.

I packed the car with more stuff for the WOKAS exhibition. I remembered my paintings and a ham sandwich. The setting up seemed to go reasonably well. The paintpot dustbin is a little chipped around the edges but still has a presence on the pavement. I have control of the bar. Tim joined me later to serve to our adoring public at the preview. It seemed pretty busy. Five paintings were sold this evening. I just hope the rest of the week goes as well.

We returned home to Tim's homemade pizza and Agatha Christie.

I missed Radio 4's April Fools. What was it?

Setting the Scene
Pen and Watercolour
140lb Torchon Clairefontaine

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