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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Tuesday, 6th March 2018 - Sun on a Tuesday

Brett got to eat my guests sausages as they made no appearance for breakfast.

Sarah and I tried a new coffee venue. Hannah and Issac came to the Walled Nursery with us. The renovations on the greenhouses are quite splendid. I was very pleased that Sarah discovered a primula with two different shades of pink in one pot. They will be able to be split. They are for Tim's Mum. She always appreciates a bargain.

Mum phoned. Not usually a good sign. She sounded unhappy. Harriet and Brett were over Northiam way this morning and popped in to see her. Harriet mentioned Mum's head. I didn't understand until I went to see her this afternoon. She cannot hold it up for any length of time. She looked awful. I felt incredibly sorry for her. We are going to sort out the problem tomorrow. It could be due too much morphine. Possibly that combined with a lack of appetite would send most peoples heads downwards. Poor old soul. Life does not look much fun at the moment. She can't even do her colouring. Margaret moved chairs. At what point do we not realise that our cheeks are in the fresh air.

Sun on a Tuesday
Pen and Watercolour
140lb Torchon Clairefontaine
24cm x 18cm

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