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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sunday, 11th March 2018 - Silver Surfing

Happy firth birthday little Bella Bee. I regret not finding the time to play with you today. I hope we can make it up soon.

Tom, Tim and I had a lunch with Brenda. She made us soup, homemade bread and apple crumble. My Mum is getting bed sores.

Being a mother myself I get to get gifts today too. I have some beautiful leather gloves from Harriet. They are so so so soft inside. Tom gave me some Elbow cream and a packet of strawberry laces that I have eaten and a card that I will never forget. It is beautifully revolting.

We managed to catch a bit of time with Bella to sing happy birthday with cake enthusiastically decorated by the girls. The look of total delight on Bella's face when the sparkly fountain was lit was so adorable.

I must go as I still have to pack. The house, cat and chickens are in the safe hands of Bella and Hetty.

I hope to continue with my blog whilst on holiday.

Silver Surfing
Pen and watercolour
140lb CP
24cm x 19cm

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