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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Tuesday, 13th March 2018 - Hanging Mist

The intrepid amongst us, that being everyone but myself, hit the mountains. Literally as well as the visibility was poor and a few tumbles took place.

I had a peaceful day watching the rain from inside the warmth of the chalet. I have a book with me. It is by Ann Blockley and has art projects for me to work on. I started today. I have learnt today that I get frustrated very quickly.

Tim and Zoe came back from ski-ing to collect me. We met Steve and Tom, followed by Fergus at La Reposette, Vercland. Tom and I had tomato juice with many accompaniments for us to add including celery salt. I told you Tom that it existed. You should never doubt your mother.

La Reposette
140lb CP
22cm x 15cm

Whilst eating pizza from SuperU we watched Annihilation. It turned out to be a sci-fi horror film. Not one I would recommend.

Hanging Mist
Watercolour and Inktense
140lb Torchon Clairefontaine
29cm x 22cm

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