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Friday, 16 March 2018

Friday, 16th March 2018 - Saint Jean de Sixt

The sun came through the clouds for me. Most of the party went snow hunting. They seem extremely happy with their adventures off-piste, on-piste and every which way. Fergus is giving Tom a few pointers to hone his skills. Tim if fallen finds the help of a nearby woman useful. These are all stories and conjecture as I am not present to witness them. There was a 'trending article' today of a horrific chair lift malfunctioning and flinging people off. This reassures me that my decision to not ski is wise.

I took a walk down into Sixt. I had an encounter with a french man who told me he could not see, he seemed to be doing a very good of walking his dog in the circumstances. I spent a couple of hours sitting on a wall painting today's picture. I think the rain has added texture. A very jolly Frank served me a chocolate chaud where I did a quick sketch of the scene in front of me.

La Cascade

We had a game of Carcassonne before dinner with newbies Fergus and Lizzie. Guess who won? Oh yes.

I have to go Steve has cooked steak and potato wedges....

Saint Jean de Sixt
140lb Torchon Clairfontaine


  1. Kate....this one of the church is are going from strength to strength. We have snow this morning....not impressed. 😨😢

    1. Thank you Michelle. I spent a happy couple of hours doing this one. So lucky to have such beautiful scenery to paint.