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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Wednesday, 17th January 2018 - Mother and Son

I felt rather sad about my Mum after a call to her this morning. She is really struggling with getting old. I don't think she understands that it cannot be fixed by a doctor.

The intermittent sun accompanied me as I dragged trees to the bonfire and raked whips of roses and hedge cuttings from the grass.

Harriet and I had late afternoon tea while the girls engrossed themselves with Harriet's old dolls house and Sylvanian canal boat. Herbie had cuddles and milk.

The book I am reading mentions drugs quite a bit. The highs, lows, mood swings, clumsiness, forgetfulness, tiredness and need for attention. I get all these symptoms with my own self made hormones and they are free.

Mother and Son
140lb NOT
24cm x 16cm


  1. Beautiful painting Kate, really lovely. Wow x

  2. Alli
    Beautiful painting Kate, as usual you made me smile x
    Kate Rundell
    Thank you. Your comment is very much appreciated.

    This really is gorgeous Kate.....❤
    Kate Rundell
    It was a good subject. Thank you.

    Beautiful! Sorry to hear about the mood swings. Come and do some yoga therapy with me. x
    Kate Rundell
    When I next venture your way I will book myself in with you.

    Chris This is so lovely Kate. So glad Herbie is home and thriving. Xx

    Happy New Year Kate! You are so talented. Sorry to hear about your Mum ...I wish I could give her a hug...thinking of you all still makes me smile.x
    Kate Rundell
    Hello gorgeous lady. Mum is ok and I will certainly give her a hug from you. Happy New Year to you too

    That’s a beautiful painting Kate xx
    Kate Rundell Thank you Lyn

    That's such a charming study of Harriet....lovely to have herbie home too. Hope your mood swings improve, not unusual in ladies of our age apparently!😏
    Kate Rundell I don't think I am that terrible - yet. There is still time. Herbie is adorable.

  3. Captured Hari and Herbs perfectly, really lovely :-) xxx