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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Saturday, 27th January 2018 - Now Detached

I had a phone catch up with Mum. She is in a buoyant mood. A letter from the cardiologist reassured her that her state of decline could possibly be inclined with a few beta blockers. Also a trip to see the practice nurse to get some cream had the added bonus talk to Dr C who told her she didn't have a mouth infection, it was sore from eating extra strong mints. All good and happy at present.

Monty Don disappointed me last night. He was in India visiting many of the places we went to. Where was the superabundance of people and noise, the poverty, the traffic, the mammoth piles of rubbish, goats, pigs, cows and big mice amongst the beauty?  Sue Perkins portrayed it much more akin to the way we found it. The worst part was seeing him riding a ridiculously painted elephant. Surely his is not that ignorant not to know how they are ill treated. Oh dear Monty!!!

Tim got his tools out. While he pruned and sawed I tried to keep up with clearing the branches by dragging them down to the bonfire. I have found a use for learning how to throw the javelin at school. it is a great method of getting the tree limbs atop the bonfire.

Three hours of manual work and we needed our slow cooked duck to recuperate.

Tom and I are still alcohol free.

Now Detached
Pen and Watercolour
140lb NOT
30cm x 20cm


  1. Ooh, slow cooked duck sounds nice... Might treat myself to that this week.
    Apparently javelin is the most dynamic olympic event.
    Love Tom x

  2. Would love a slow cooked duck recipe please! For my crockpot..