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Monday, 8 January 2018

Monday, 8th January 2018 - Art Critique

I have started to deep clean the bed and breakfast rooms in readiness for a huge influx of guests. These will now come after updating my Airbnb profile.

I arrived at Mum's at the prearranged time to be told that we had three quarters of an hour before we needed to leave. To be fair it does take her quite a while to get from her chair to the car. Mum had a delightful GP appointment which I attended as her memory. She has been referred for a pace maker which she has decided that she is not going to have. Another referral to the 'nice' Mr Walker, the third cardiologist to see is he can come up with something that she agrees with. Also a referral to the Fall Clinic - I have never heard of this one. It was suggested she can have some more handrails. This was met with a rebuff. They will look at her huge long list of medication. She did admit that she does not take probably half of what is on the list. My suggestion that she told the GP this was met with a no, she is happy just to cross off the ones she doesn't need. I suppose it is best having them there just in case! I nearly got tea and cake at Haydens in Rye and while we were there I could go to the chemist for her. When I said I could get what she needed from Tesco my tea and cake was deemed an unnecessary trip and cancelled.

This evening it was back to my art class. I spent an enjoyable evening mark making. I do love a puddle of paint and a stick.

Art Critique
Pen and Watercolour
140lb NOT
24cm x 14cm


  1. Ooooh heck...huge influx.....need to get thinking about dates then....😨

  2. I wonder if you can vet airbnb guests to make sure they aren't wedding guests... Don't forget to visit Rosie in the Fig on Rye High Street :-) grandma should go into an assisted home, they'll have daily visits by medical professionals, she'll love it! Xxx