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Friday, 1 June 2018

Friday, 1st June 2018 - Cerinthe

Welcome June, maybe. I am not sure about these long days of light. The pressure is to work longer. No excuse to shed wellies and curl up in front of a fire due to lack of sunlight.

I had to have help getting music back onto my phone. It was a mystery to me why I had to plug my iPhone into my MacBook Air and that was plugged into my iPad. Small, medium and large all connected by umbilical cords. Slightly freaky. I left them with Tim. It wasn't long before Ed (for ease), Sinead (for angst) and Eminem (for pleasure) were singing to me while I worked.

We broke the afternoon with a trip to Waitrose. 20% off fish on Friday. How can anyone resist. We purchased two sea bass that had been reduced due to a trainee filleter leaving bones in. I wonder if he kept his job. It was delicious pan fried for dinner. Many bargains filled our trolley. I have a 10p sunflower from Tesco. It is now recovering from dehydration and being pot bound in a larger container in the greenhouse.

Sarah Wickham....look what I found growing in the garden....Did we not try to grow this years ago?

Pen and Watercolour

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