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Monday, 11 June 2018

Monday, 11th June 2018 - Peonies from the Garden

I was at Benenden Hospital for a 8.30am consultation. It is very swish with its new extensions. I am going to have laser treatment on a varicose vein. This sounds fantastic with just local anaesthetic and maybe a bit of sedative if I look terribly nervous. The pre op assessment was not so good. My blood pressure was high - nothing unexpected as I have 'white coat syndrome' even though they were wearing blue. I was tested for MRSA. Under the armpits not so bad I think all they will find is Dove roll-on antiperspirant. Not so sure about the bilateral nose swabs. The worst bit was finding out that I am two inches shorter than I thought I was. That means my BMI tells me I have quite a few more pounds to shed than I thought before I am normal. I am sticking to 500 calories very strictly today.

I had a thoroughly great time at my art class this evening. I even knew what I wanted to paint. I like doing garden portraits. You can miss out the difficult bits because they don't fit into the composition.

I came home to find Tim had cooked me a low calorie dinner. Pasta, tomatoes and asparagus. A great way to finish a Monday.

Last thing today is to paint a picture. I find this therapeutic when it goes well and damn frustrating when it doesn't. Lets hope for the first option.

Peonies from the Garden
Liquitex Ink
140lb CP

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