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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Saturday, 23rd June 2018 - Uncle Tom and His Nieces

My night was unaccompanied and uninterrupted by my husband. I didn't sleep well.

Tom made a brief appearance on his way to a friends birthday party. We may see him again tomorrow if he is not too poisoned by alcohol. Yes, he has taken up drinking again. Now it is only me left with a cleansed mind, body and soul. He has let me down.

Hetty was performing with her Musical Theatre group at Staplehurst fete today. I had the privilege of watching her. These are incredibly special moments. We celebrated with ice-cream and a few turns on the coconut shy. Bella smashed it and proudly showed her coconut to my Mum. We visited her in her nursing home. She didn't come out to the fete. Mum is fine in mind but her body seems to be diminishing. How sad to think of all those years she spent eating tasteless Weight Watchers food to try and loose a few pounds. She was delighted to see Hetty, Bella and a very smiley Herbie. Manuel found them Artic roll. I used to love those so much.

I adore the music from the new series of Versailles. The jewellery and costumes are stunning. I don't think the dresses would take kindly to a spin in my Whirlpool. Shame I would like to rustle about in all those skirts and petticoats.

Uncle Tom and His Nieces
Pen and Watercolour

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