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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Saturday, 2nd June 2018 - Not My Tom

While I was gathering art materials Tim made me a sandwich for my lunch. From 10am-2pm I was absorbed by Tom. He was modelling for a WOKAS workshop run by Clive. Clive is a very skilled oil painter whom I admire immensely. I get in a painting panic when told you have two minutes left before the model changes position. Thrilling.

While I was drawing Tim prepared dinner for Si, Lesley, Nick, Alli, June and Barry. The hollandaise was particularly good, the bread rolls tasty, I enjoyed the bruschetta, and the meringues were a triumph. I did make the ice-cream and wash the strawberries. This is a life style I could get accustomed to.

Not My Tom
Quink Ink - left
Watercolour - right

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