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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wednesday, 11th February 2015 - Eggs and Fruit Froosions

The problem with buying cheap painting pads is they take off much of the paint that has been previously applied. Damn frustrating. When I get my layer of Pale Gold over the top of the boring cream which is fending off a bright orange I think it will all be fine.

Tom sent me a bit jittery today. He had his Viva for his PhD. Hours and hours and hours after the start time we eventually heard that all had gone well. A very stressful experience for a parent. Well done Tom you are nearly at the finish. You have a very proud family.

Our mighty handsome beast of a cockerel may not be with us much longer. He is becoming rather confident. A bit of feather ruffling and strutting went on at Brett today.

I was delighted to watch The Great British Comic Bake-off this evening.

Tom Twyman is back in my fan (tasy) book after posting a rather lovely song on Facebook. Gorgeous.

Eggs and Fruit Froosions
Pen, Watercolour and Ink
Watercolour Paper

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