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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Thursday, 26th February 2015 - Gorse Sprig

If can't find me I am in my studio. Love my new space.

Tim's cough has been joined by sneezes. Hopefully this is the 'getting worse before it gets better' part.

Mum told me she was feeling unwell this week but managed a trip into Rye. After her shopping she stopped in a cafe (does a very good cup of tea for £1). She did not have her glasses so got the waitress to count out the change in her purse. The waitress returned offering mum a pastry for free. I think they thought she was hard up. She thinks it was because she was looking ill. Yes, she accepted the bun but asked for it to be put in a bag for her to take home. She gave it to the decorator. Is this good practice???  I don't know whether to laugh or worry.

Gorse Sprig
Watercolour Paper

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