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Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday, 27th February 2015 - Eight Chickens and One Cockerel

The sun drew me out into the garden and further on to collect 19 eggs. In two days from 8 hens something odd is going on. They are no longer laying their eggs in poo. I have lots of muck in my runner bean trench. Really, really it was not that bad. They are very happy. Just a bit wet due to the rain and mud.

Hetty and Bella went to a birthday party this afternoon. It was one and a half hours of total delight and stimulation. They came home needing to switch off. Well done Harriet for reading their rather tender temperaments.

I have accumulating piles of packing for our holiday. Do I really need so much art stuff? I would prefer to go knicker free and have an extra watercolour brush.

Eight Chickens and One Cockerel
Watercolour and Indian Ink
Watercolour Paper

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