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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tuesday, 10th February 2015 - Happy Man and His Van

I am wishing Tom all the very very best for tomorrow. Don't drink too much alcohol tonight or coffee tomorrow. We are with you my lovely with lots of love and hugs. Remember to breeeath.

Today I have eventually got around to tackling decorating Tom's-soon-to-be-our-room. What a lot of Blue-tak and its stains, accompanied by spiders and webs. Gone, all gone. First coat of paint to obliterate the charming orange done. I am sure my 'motion sensitive' Sure helped. Really?!? I do wonder what they are trying to sell us with these products.

A couple of tea/biscuit breaks with my gorgeous funny family next door have kept me going. 

I am at home this evening while Tim whoops it up a black-tie awards dinner in London. I have had chicken with a glass of rose wine so not so bad.

Brett has taken his new self employed status at full speed. He has a van, tools and much work. Well done that man. Anyone need timber restoration done get in touch.

Happy Man and His Van
Watercolour Paper

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