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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday, 21st February 2015 - Mossy Bottom

While still in bed we were descended upon by two little girls - it was gone 8am - to be shown that it was snowing. It looked great - for a short while.

I had an afternoon appointment to watch Frozen with popcorn, meringues, blueberries, tea and the same two little girls who were excited by the snow this morning. It is rather a good film. Cristophe is gorgeous. Shame he is an animation.

The trees in the woods have grown an incredibly beautiful coating of moss at their bases. I had heard on Gardeners Question Time that moss is extensive this year. It is quite magical looking.

The hens are laying rather productively.  Jane kindly took a dozen today to lighten our egg basket.

This afternoon I took to my studio. I had an excellent time with my acrylic paint, card, wool, palette knife and imagination. Just perfect.

A couple of glasses of cold white wine this evening ended a very charming day.

Mossy Bottom
Watercolour Paper

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