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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tuesday, 9th June 2015 - Necessary Products

I have a concern and not found how to resolve it. When cleaning the bnb rooms I sometimes come across a pill, usually on the floor. The last one looked important. Do I phone my guests that have now departed in case they become ill due to lack of medication? But then if it is not theirs they will think I am sluttish in my cleaning as it could belong to a previous guest. I put it in the bin with a tiny bit of guilt. 

Kat, a friend of Harriet's, is a hairdresser and tackled my hair this evening. She has done a good job on an awkward customer with not the greatest head of hair to work with. Tim complimented me. I wonder if this is to make up for the fact he asked me (four days ago now but these things lodge in my mind) if I had got on the scales recently. It is going to take more than that for me to bury a grudge.

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