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Monday, 29 June 2015

Monday, 29th June 2015 - March Bronze 'Fallen Angel'

I awoke alone. No Tim. No guests. Very unusual. Quite delightful.

We have blue tits nesting at Little Holt. The fledglings are just learning their basic flying lessons. The cat brought me one in this morning to show me. 

I took a trip up to Farnborough. It was over thirty years ago when I worked at the hospital and flat shared in Pratts Bottom. Interesting memories I have from that time. There was a service of celebration and thanksgiving for Si's Dad. A thoroughly enjoyable service which may sound odd but it really was. There was a stunning bronze of a Fallen Angel in the graveyard. 

Steve drove me home. He is good company. I did my art homework and had an interesting art class. I think I may have undone all the good work I did previously. Bugger. 

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