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Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday, 26th June 2015 - Glass Animals - Hazey

Porridge all round this morning. Easy.

Tim has packed and gone to Atlanta for a week. Leaving me all alone to cope with my guests.

I walked and walked this evening. It was beautiful. James Blunt followed by Maroon 5 joined me. I just hope that I did not sing too loudly. Some songs get a bit naughty and it is not until you have the words directly in your ears the realisation dawns. Oh well, the birds were noisy too.

Tom is at Glastonbury helping on a cocktail bar. He has introduced me to Glass Animals. I am rather taken with their music. If you pop to his bar he recommends a Dark and Stormy. Dark rum, spicy ginger juice and lime. I like the sound of that very much.

I indulged in a stir fry this evening as Tim is not that keen on all those bean sprouts.

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