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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sunday, 21st June 2015 - Birthday at Bodiam

What a busy busy day.

Guests, breakfast, rooms to turnaround followed. It takes me less time to put the ingredients in the bread maker than to toast a couple of slices of bread. I amaze myself with my skills. 

We slipped in a bee inspection. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We found lots of capped queen cells which we know is not a great sign. It could mean our old queen has died or Ill or something else which we have no clue about. This instigated an email for help to Michael. We now have to wait for his reply. This could take a while.

I cooked sausages to put on sticks for Lindsey's birthday lunch. The were gluten free. Not as tasty as the ones from Wards the butchers containing lots of tasty cereals and additives.

We headed over to Bodiam for a lovely windy picnic. Alice, James, and Fizzy arrived with a containers full of delights. A search party went out to find Lindsey. Technology failed us with no mobile signal. The birthday girl was located. We drank and ate and sang and played skittles with new rules invented by Hetty. A most enjoyable, afternoon.

The Evans family ventured off to the castle in search of dragons.

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