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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday, 31st July 2012 - Unwanted Vegetable

Great, I have a night off tonight

While doing a changeover this morning I had the television on to keep me company. The show jumping was on. Is it the only sport with men and women competing together? And the oldest? Not quite as many medals for Team GB as expected. I think I heard this yesterday. Possibly tomorrow too.

I took Mum into see Dad. I could tell some tales of Dad's time in hospital but think they are best kept for close family and friends. He is doing well which is quite enough information for anybody.

On the way home I visited the wind turbines with my paints. I was interrupted by a Dutch family who I think wanted me to continue painting while they watched. I don't think so. They politely admired my sky but during the pause caused my paint to cauliflower.

Very pleasing end to the evening as I managed to do an online food shop with Tesco for tomorrow at gone 10pm while drinking a hot chocolate with coconut.

Unwanted Vegetable
Saunders Waterford 140lb not

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  1. You shouldn't have shied away from the Dutch, what if they were arty-type aficionados and wanted to sponsor your show? Damn.

    I'm not sure about show jumping having the oldest, I was watching table tennis and a competitor was 39 and very good!