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Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday, 30th July 2012 - Hetty's Choice

My plans did not go as anticipated for the day.

I planned to see Dad but Mum had arranged a lift with Rose.

I planned to do some gardening.

Harriet was beseeched with tiredness. After going to the butchers and asking them to put something in Julie's sausages to prevent her continuing with bed and breakfast and taking all my guests (maybe I should not admit to this publicly). Followed by cooking a chicken encrusted in smokey back bacon for The Evans family accompanied by demi chipolatas, hot spanish and chilli sausages. I nipped over to Canterbury to help out at Riverbend Cottages. I had a splendid afternoon playing very silly games with my gorgeous grandaughter. Hetty chose some flowers for her pale faced Mummy. I cooked them dinner. Then came home to cook our dinner. But no need to. Tim had already rustled me up something by Patrick and very yummy it was too.

Hetty's Choice
Gerstaecker Paper 140lb not

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