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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Saturday, 28th July 2012 - Three Types of Pole

I was not in a very good mood upon waking this morning. Far too late to bed last night. But many cups of tea later things seem to get better.

Tim and I went for an amazing walk with Tony and Wendy. Through hop fields, vineyards, wheat (or possibly barley) fields and a scattering of sheep along the way. I found a house I would like to buy but it is not quite for sale. Tony is keeping an eye on it for us. We had lunch at The Swan in Sandhurst. It was what you would expect for £6.95. Then walked backed which seemed much more tiring, uphill and made us very thirsty with the sun beating down on our backs through the clouds.

Back home and guests and Tescos arrived.

I cooked another delightful dinner by Mr Holford accompanied by Wendy's courgettes.

Three Types of Pole
Gerstaecker Paper 140lb not

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