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Monday, 16 July 2018

Sunday, 15th July 2018 - Lollo Rosso and Garlic

I woke and remembered that Tom was still with us. What a lovely way to start a Sunday.

Herbie entertained Tom with his impressive rolling and circular crawling technique. Their size difference make them an incongruous pair. Tom returned from underwater swimming with Hetty and Bella. We watched the men's Wimbledon tennis final. Not terribly thrilling. There was a tie-break. I like those. During the match I made a blueberry sponge which took far much longer than the recipe promised. The blueberries had been picked by Malcolm's fair hand. They sunk nicely to the bottom of the cake.

Tom left taking a little bit of me with him.

Tim was making pizza dough and we decided it would be nice to share it. Si and Lesley joined us. It was another evening warm enough to eat outside. The topic of sailing came up. I am not that enthusiastic. Possibly a catamaran and a trip around Greek islands may tempt me.

I had a Seedlip gin and tonic. The taste of peas is surprisingly pleasant.

Si has grown some lovely lettuce, apparently related to the daisy family, and garlic bulbs. The lettuce was a perfect accompaniment to pizza.

Lollo Rosso and Garlic
140lb CP

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