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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Saturday, 21st July 2018 - Thistle

The cat is still unwell. I am back behind the driving wheel so took her back to the vet. They have no idea what is wrong with her. A suggestion of keeping her in and doing a blood test was altered to taking her home and a painkiller when I said we didn't have insurance. I am sure the blood test would show up if she has kidney/liver/the wrong proteins but at 14 there probably isn't much they can do. She seems quite happy if a bit lethargic. I have tempted her with cheese, poached cod and Whiskas Senior tuna in jelly. She is sticking with water.

I swung briefly by Mum's. She seemed happy with her current treatment of antibiotics. My brother had visited which always perks her up.

I am debandaged. There is very little to see apart from a tiny bit of bruising. Amazing vanishing vein treatment.

Susan and Roger called in for tea and a Digestive biscuit in the garden now the rain has passed.

Impromptu bnb guests caused me to do a bit of manic panic cleaning. Mushrooms? Have I enough mushrooms for four in the morning?

Tim picked me a thistle from the garden. We were watching a film but he has gone to bed. So am I.

140lb CP

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