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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wednesday, 4th March 2015 - Snow Capped Village

I am writing my blog with a view of snow, blue skies and mountains.

The rain turned to snow loads of non stop snow. The skiers did not hit the slopes until the afternoon and only Steve and Zoe ventured into what were unpleasant conditions. Zoe sustained a slight back and thumb injury.

This morning we drove up to the Fer a Cheval. I borrowed some ski trousers (even now the rustle of the fabric as you walk brings back stomach churning memories). We set off in the snow. It was stunning. It was deep. Just lovely again. We had lunch in the restaurant with the rotating wood burner. Only a light meal of steak and frites and a splash of wine. 

Later we went into Sameons for a wander. Back to the chalet via the supermarket for wine, cider and fizzy water accompanied by a bit of bread. The staples of holidays in France.

Steve made a tasty mushroom risotto to settle us before heading up to bed.

Snow capped Village
Pen with Watercolour
Cloud Textured Paper 140lb

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