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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wednesday, 17th January 2013 - 7:42:04 am Frosty on the Inside

It was dark when my alarm woke me so I could prepare for a trip to London. Very exciting when one lives in the depths of the country.

There was ice on the inside of my studio window.

I just made my train due to a huge Volvo crawling along in front of me due to a few icy bits on the side of the road - come on!!!

The train very slowly (must be that Volvo) took me through the most beautiful frosty landscapes to Charing Cross. I met Elizabeth who I nearly walked past due to her wrapped up state.

We started our day at The Mall Gallery where Stephanie Wright was exhibiting lovely pottery with The Society of Designer Craftsmen. She is a friend of Elizabeth's so I am not quite sure why there is none of Elizabeth's pottery there!!! There was some beautiful pieces and a coffee with Guiness cake shop.

Next we took the tube or two across the whole of London to The William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow. We had tomato soup without meatballs for lunch. Both of us were a little disappointed as we were both expecting the rooms to be set out. Loads to see and it is free so if you are that way it is really worth a visit. I had to drag Elizabeth away from the childrens activities on more than one occasion. I do love a bit of William Morris.

I came home to find pheasant stew bubbling on the cooker. Accompanied by a glass of red wine (and Tim) made for a charming evening. I do not even mind having guests tonight. I just hope the snow does not prolong their stay.

A food and art day - just perfect.

Frosty on the Inside
7:42:04 am
Watercolour with wax
Langton 140lb not


  1. Lovely day but why no meatballs in the soup I wonder?

  2. Did you go to a coffee shop to eat cake and drink Guiness? If not that's a terrific idea. That does sound like a rather lovely day in London and I'm pleased there was food prepared to help you recover from walking around all day!
    Love you xxx

  3. Lovely picture Kate - so atmospheric :)