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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday, 27th January 2013 - 08:08:23 am Where's Morris?

Not quite as quick out the shower this morning. Hetty waited patiently until I was dried and dressed before we went to play.

The chickens have been well fed again. Hetty and I collected grass for them and collected their eggs. We squelched through very wet grass now the snow has gone and the rain has arrived. Our first snow drops have come out.

We had pancakes with banana ice-cream (frozen bananas whizzed with milk). Lindsey came for coffee and told us Chris has sorted out Mum's latest money worries.

We made butterfly cakes to take to The Olivers this afternoon.

Back home for a picnic tea and bed.

08:08:23 am
Where's Morris?
Watercolour with Pen
Saunders Waterford 140lb rough

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