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Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday, 12th January 2015 - Headcorn Art Class

At long last I get to meet Sarah for a coffee (and a cheese scone). Thank you for purchasing these for me and the charming company and conversation.  I am very much looking forward to receiving a homemade fabric basket that she will be making me from the book I bought her for her birthday.

It was a keep your head down and hood up weather today.

I had a great evening at my art class. We are preparing for a future painting. I have nearly finished mine. I am quite excited with the result. I have hidden it from Tim's critical eye until I am feeling stronger.

Headcorn Art Class
Watercolour Paper

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  1. I thought i just commented... but it disappeared so i will try repeating myself. I am delighted NOT to be doing a future art project but would like to know what it is i am NOT doing. I will make you a basket as soon as i am not busy. But now I am very busy so I cant x