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Friday, 8 February 2019

Friday, 8th February 2019 - Wonky Blue Bowl

Today I must have had Erik behind me getting me from one place to another.

I do like it when a guest is out the door before the clock strikes nine - well ten past.

Sarah and I had coffee and a bacon roll in Cocolicious to fuel our shopping frenzy in Cranbrook. We got everything and more but my sweet pea seeds. Sarah 'poo pooed' the idea that Coop would sell them. I am sure I have seen stand of seeds in there previously. They do have a vast variety of sweets to ponder.

I got to my car with the wind whipping me and the rain lashing down to find the battery had gone flat in my key. The car wouldn't open. Luckily I found another very similar blue Nissan just along the row which unlocked.

Back home I was whisked off to Fairlight. Tim tried to help unblock Roger's drain with his rods. Unfortunately the blockage is probably a collapse and needs more serious attention. I had the better option of tea with Susan.

I broke a bowl that held memories for Tim. I was on the phone when it happened and now have two beautiful handmade replacements. They are much more precious. Thank you sooooo very much I love them.

We weathered the storm for beer and Baccus in Larkins' Ale House for a couple of hours with Alli and Nick. Blimey it is a foul evening.

Wonky Blue Bowl
Pen and Watercolour

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