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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Thursday, 16th August 2018 - Old Park Wood

We have cobwebs on the wine rack. That would never have happened when I was drinking.

A bit of party planning went on today. The Weald of Kent Morris got together 30 years ago. That is worth celebrating. I love party. There are lists to be written.

I got a packet of dill from Waitrose on my way home from seeing Mum. She was delighted to see me. That made me feel guilty that I don't visit more often. All seems moving positively with her health. It was good to see her jolly. I had quite a struggle to extricate myself from her.

I loved Aretha Franklin. What a loss.

Have you heard of bubble therapy?

Thursday, 16th August 2018 - Old Park Wood, Pen and Watercolour

Old Park Wood
Pen and Watercolour

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