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Friday, 3 August 2018

Friday, 3rd August 2018 - Orchids and Shadows

It is 9.55pm and 21ÂșC. I have sweat where I shouldn't have sweat at this time of day.

I enjoyed going to the park in Tenterden and meeting up with Pippa, Rebekah and Archie with Harriet and children. We found shade under a tree and got tattooed by Bella. I didn't enjoy the traffic queues. I liked the new ice-cream/coffee/cake parlour run by some Italians. Bella and Hetty had strawberry ice-cream and were gifted bubble gum ball sprinkles, marshmallow and a lolly by the guy with limited words. Harriet had coffee and a shot of Chapel Down gin. I had coffee. Damn these 500 calorie days.

I was feeling sociable and invited four of our nearest and dearest friends over for cold beer and nuts in the garden. They all declined. I spent the evening with Tim which was just fine. Really it was fine.

Orchids and Shadows
140lb CP

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