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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wednesday, 7th February 2018 - Woman in the Snow

Good luck keeping up with this one....

I phoned Mum to tell her that Herbie smiled for the first time today. At Bella, Hetty and the beam in the ceiling. We are very proud. Surely is had not been that long since I had last spoken to Mum? Two days at the most. In the meantime she has hurt her back hanging up her dressing gown. The pain was excruciating. That little red button around her neck came in handy and two 'very kind' paramedics were soon at her side. Quite reasonably they wanted to take her into hospital. She said she had been and wasn't going back. They left her with advice to take ibuprofen. Luckily her neighbour had some very very strong ones. 400 mg and you only need to take one. The normal dose is two 200mg tablets is it not? Unfortunately, they did not work. The Practice Nurse, who is not a Practice Nurse, she only used to be a paramedic, came for a home visit too. She can't prescribe. Terrible. Mum thinks the surgery are making cutbacks. At this point I realise I should stop holding my breath. She was 'very kind' and told Mum she could take paracetamol at the same time as ibuprofen!!!! I have been telling her this for years and years and years - she knows this - but was delighted with this wonderful piece of new advice. A letter has arrived from Mr Walker. He has a lot of letters after his name making him marvellous. I am sure he is. He advises she does not have a pacemaker and treats her condition with medication. This seemed a good plan. She is going to hold onto her appointment for a pacemaker for a while. I left her as she was just about to ring Whitewings care home. She feels she needs a week of respite as she is exhausted.

I put the phone down so befuddled and bewildered I could not think for the life of me what I had called her about in the first place.

Woman in the Snow
140lb NOT
24cm x 18cm

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