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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wednesday, 12th November 2014 - Dorset Apple Cake

Yesterday was a day of many men. Today I have had very few - just the postman and a couple of delivery men bringing carpet underlay, paint, brushes, filler and gripper rods. The finishing touches for Little Holt.

I have found a use for a very expensive mop I bought for  a cleaner we had a few years ago who refused to get on her hands and knees to wash the kitchen floor. I have been merrily mopping up the mighty dusty floor in our newly plastered rooms.

Steve Adams arrived (another man yippee) for the evening. He didn't seem too keen on participating with the Weald of Kent Morris practice session this evening but may make it for the drinking at The Peacock. And he brought me flowers.

Dorset Apple Cake
Watercolour Paper